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Dr Solar and His Suitcase Scalawags. Magic and Whimsical Puppetry for Children's Parties and Events

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Combining Education With Entertainment
You Get EDUTAINMENT at Its Finest!

World famous Dr. Solar’s show is fast paced and chock full of comedy. Ragtime music sets the tone. For birthday parties, your child will be transformed into the magical star by show’s end.

With his menagerie of doves, rabbits, frogs, fish, rats, and mice, you generally never know what's in store, though his claims are, that you will see ... "IT ALL"

Through his character, and his “Suitcase Scalawags”, he offers much audience participation as he weaves a blend of magic and comedic physical antics. The show is completely authentic, down to the costumes, music, and characters.

His shows encourage moral values, self-esteem building, and personal empowerment.

Shows generally run 60 minutes but can be adjusted to accommodate shorter time slots.


Always a solar electrified affair, Dr. Solar wheels in his buskers cart and props. Not one with the mantra, “packs flat-plays big”, the Doctor's staging nearly resembles the grandeur of the Golden Age of Stage Magic.


Whether you require a ten minute performance as part of a variety show or musical warmup or 45-60 minutes of action for your little one's birthday celebration, library show or corporate special event the Doctor can tailor his show to fit your needs.

Dr Solar Center Stage

Library summertime themes are no problem for Dr. Solar. There may be a pitch for his Wizard Oil thrown in, but then everybody knows by now that quality entertainment has to have some sort of “advertisement”.The Doctor's show is appropriate for many themes; science, drama, history, circus life, creativity, natural science, ( ever see a hissing cockroach magically appear?) biology, California history, the Gold Rush, to name a few.

“I haven't laughed so hard in a long, long, time!”

Parent at Arcade Library, Sacramento, Ca.

“....You held the family audience mesmerized for a solid hour. Every age, from young children through adults, was entertained by your material. The Amazing Ducky O'Neil was a friendly and funny character who will be remembered by young children for a long time to come... many adults expressed appreciation to the library for having your show here.”

Josh Lachman, Children's Librarian, South Branch Berkeley Public Library.

“ part of our celebration of Sacramento Public Library's 150th anniversary, (Dr. Solar's) was lively and engaging. It included ventriloquism, and puppets, magic with a live bird and rabbit and nice props such as a Chinese gong and fancy robe that one boy got to wear as Dr. Solar's assistant. Other props reinforced the old-time feel of the show, and its gentle stories about life in the olden days.... I intend to book Dr. Solar's Good Time, Sunshine, Traveling Medicine Show at our library again.”

Christine Davis, Youth Services Librarian, McKinley Library, Sacramento.

“Let me tell you about Dr. Solar! We had the MOST WONDERFUL experience of his magical traveling show during our Summer Reading Program.....we had to set up in the greater part of the library itself. Turned out to be a good thing, as he brought in our biggest crowd ever for a single event and we needed the extra space and chairs. Dr. Solar's costumes, puppets, props and demeanor were professional in every way. He was funny, but never inappropriate and kept the crowd delighted and in control the entire time....”

Kathleen Stewart, Programs & Outreach, Yuba County Library indoor show


Show are appropriate for toddlers 2 years and up while doing a high number of shows a year, many repeated year after year. Children thoroughly enjoy Ducky's playful antics.

“It's difficult to keep forty plus preschooler's attention for 60 minutes, you're GREAT at what you do...They loved it”

Care provider, Instructor, Phoenix Schools, Sacramento, Ca.


The Doctor's prescription is: LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE

After a recent library show in Sacramento a young boy about 7-8 years old came up to me and exclaimed, ' Dr. Solar, your show was great. You are the best magician.' He turned and walked away to join other kids. Shortly beyond where he had addressed me, a young woman stood, tears filled her eyes and streaked down her cheeks. 'Thank you Dr. Solar. Thank you so very much.' I tried to make light of it, ' Oh, it was nothing.' 'No,' she retorted,' you don't understand. My son is autistic, that was the first time he ever spoke...”

And then there are those that proclaim that magic is not real.

No need to be dreary, no need for the gloom, call up the Doctor,
make that appointment soon!


Dr Solar

Ventriloquist and magician extraordinaire. A consummate showman. See why he was awarded PEOPLE's CHOICE amoung his other awards.

Children know what a magician should look like and this is...Dr. Solar

In his Traveling Medicine Show, Dr. Solar has blended Nostalgic arts of times past, added a bit of old-time Medicine Show flair, a blend of vaudevillian showmanship, comedy, magic, a little flim-flam, and a whole lot of pizzazz. With his slapstick frolics of his "woodpile wonders", and an assortment of inanimate objects he breathes life into, you have an inspiring show for everyone, all ages.


Earl Shotwell

Earl is a well dressed, flirtatious old man with a penchant for gourmet (buffet) food, ogling young women and playing bingo. A classic curmudgeon, Earl is much younger than his 80-some years and delights in telling you so. Always ready with a story of the “good old days”, he’s not hesitant to put these young whippersnappers in their place with tales of hard work and character building toil.

He’s great for over-the-hill parties and retirements.


Ducky O'Neil

A mere child of 11 (going on 21), Ducky was "adopted" by Dr. Solar and taught the "tricks-of-the -trade". He is sassy, confident, clever, mischievous, and a tad arrogant. Ducky is a
real show stealer, especially when he tries to co-opt the show and proclaim he is a better magician.

Children are mesmerized by his character. Hope you don't mind the little ones rolling on the floor with
laughter because that's what happens in just about most cases.

Ducky, himself a product of recycling, was crafted from discarded wooden orange crates in the late 1930's so the mantra, REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE is held deeply in his blood, well, sap.

His father had a highly supportive job with the railroad. An engineer? No... a railroad tie. Since retiring, he has become somebody's patio landscaping barrier.


Coco, the Do-Do Bird

Here is a colorful bird of a different feather. He, too, has had the fortune of flying into Dr. Solar’s life. Pecked him right in the rear, but, that’s a different story, He’s in training now, still a bit shy by all standards.


The Performing Polar Bear

Dr. Solar "rescued" this Polar Bear cub from an iceberg while steam shipping past the Arctic Circle on
one of his "world tours". The bear, on the other hand, is quick to explain that it was more of a
kidnapping since after all, the iceberg was, well..., HOME!

This bear speaks to children and their families about how Climate Change is threatening his Arctic
homeland and what they can do to help save it. This worldly bear is primarily used for the Gala Wagon Shows and libraries from time to time.


Complete Stage Props Dr Solar

Typical indoor staging. Props will vary.


Just a phone call away. Don’t delay.

Call: 916-524-1176

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